In the Past, Telebetting or proxy gaming has always been done with at least a telephone, and a desktop to view the on-going action.

Proxy Betting is also known as "telebetting" ; wherein users are placing bets via phone while a proxy (someone who is in the actual casino) is betting on their behalf.

Traditionally, viewers would be able to stream on their desktop while talking to the proxy. With DGx Hub's new prototype, telegamers now have the option to experience casino gaming via Virtual Reality.

Vr Bac "Baccarat" version, players can now have the option of betting on player or banker within comforts of their own homes.


Installation Instructions

1. Ensure that your device is allowed to installed from other sources
2. Ensure your device has the Cardboard VR app installed (available from the Play Store)
3. Ensure your device is at least Android (6.0) Marshmallow or higher
4. Download the VR Bac app straight to your phone or to your desktop.
5. If you downloaded to your desktop, please transfer the downloaded apk to your phone
6. Using your phone, execute the installed apk and follow the instructions