Game Art and Customization

Put your ideas into practice with the help of our team:
Flexibility in art style and mechanics to fit your requirements
Capability to conceptualize themes and new game ideas
Reporting tool to present and export analytics data for research purposes - casino solutions

VR Gaming

Aims to be the pioneer in introducing virtual reality into casino gaming in Asia
Virtual reality experience allows gamers to visually experience casino gaming as if they are within the actual environment itself
Provide an attractive alternative to digital gaming

Software Solution

All the necessary tools for your casino
Remote gaming servers (RGS) with accredited casino gaming management software solution based on real money gaming and social casino gaming
Real time data and analytical tools to generate reports
Live business intelligence reporting and risk management tool
Customized CRM tools with bonus system and jackpot progressive
Flexible and user friendly security features including geolocation, player risk management, and online casino
Systems built to cater to in-house and third party games

Slots and Games API Integration

Games can readily be integrated into iGaming platforms
Flexible integration of 3rd party software providers into our RGS system
Robust casino system structured for easy common Wallet API (Seamless & Fund Transfer)
Solutions for 3rd party API to cater to various markets by supporting different languages and different currencies



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